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Take a Look at us. This club is dedicated to having fun, through regularly scheduled Trivia games. These games are run by volunteer Hosts and last 1.5 hours each and are run in our Conference. The schedule is posted in our forum and here on the HomePage. *** SCHEDULED GAMES: 8PM, 10PM ***

Join the Blue Ribbon Anti-Censorship Campaign! Introducing some of the TRIVIOTS The Trivia Club Archives Check out the Trivia Club BASHES Face to face get togethers Help the Club produce its answers to the Trivia Quizzes The Trivia Club's Weekly OldGeezer Memorial Award Daily Trivia Teasers Take a look at a SAMPLE GAME as held in our conference area Get the Hosting program here WebHost Hosting program Instructions Pick up the Scorekeeping program here ScoreMaster Pick up the alternate Scorekeeping program here WinScore and if you need it here is Need to check something? Look it up here Game logs for 3 - 9 Sep '06 Delphi At-Large

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